Elevated Soccer experience

How to Get Elevated


Getting Started


What's the process?  How old do I have to be?  What's the pay scale for centers vs asst referees?  You've came to the right place.


25 years or older?  You can certify as a Grade 9 (Asst Ref) completely online at a reduced rate of $42.  Designed for parents who are going to be at the fields anyway watching their kids play or want to ref with their kids as a family, it certainly isn't limited to just these applications.  Get creative!  Who do you know that this would speak to?



Growth & Development


We love the game of soccer.  Based on survey feedback we got from our current referee, you do too. To feed your passion, we want to provide more opportunities to benefit, grow and get the most out of your referee experience.  Find out more.

Advice to New Referees

US Soccer Federation created You Tube videos to help new referees prepare for and deal with the everyday challenges of being an official AND provide practical advice that empowers you to succeed and HAVE FUN!

Become a referee Trainer

Your experience on the field is worth more than just what you can do running up & down the pitch.  Ready to give back to the next generation?  Click here to learn more.

On-Field Training

Want some game based training to add to what you learned in the classroom?  We are here to help!



Improving the Referee Experience


Understanding how referees are taught is critical to being an informed & educated coach.  Learn the newest Laws of the Game Amendments taught in the referee re-cert courses.  Be in the KNOW.


The whole soccer experience wouldn't be whole without including those that support our sport.  It's important that everyone is on the same page and we believe that SoccerParenting.com has the right message of encouragement without distracting or hostile communication.