elevated soccer experience

Coaching Education

Breaking New Ground

Currently there is a trend to revolutionize coaching education.  The focus from US Soccer is on creating a player centered Play-Practice-Play model.

There are good things going on in the Referee Side of the house as well.  They have a good US Soccer Referee Program monthly newsletter (which you can subscribe to below) and Life Long Learning You Tube Videos that go over key & often times contentious components of the game.  We find it helpful to know how referees are being taught, in order to know what to expect as coaches during a game.

Currently there isn't any material that attempts to bridge the gap between coaches & referees so that everyone is getting the same game management information.  That's where RefUtah plans to make an impact.  Start with the materials below and then send us a message to keep you in the loop as we develop more material to meet this objective .  This is a key component to our vision of an ELEVATED soccer experience.  It's just going to take us a little time to develop user friendly material to do this.  Hang tight.  It's coming!