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On-Field Referee Training

So you just got certified.  Congrats!  We are super excited to have you our program.  Now what, right?  

First things first is to get in touch with a Referee Assignor in charge of the fields that are most convenient for you.  It's actually a good idea to reach out to a couple of Referee Assignors.  Some weeks there might just a few games at one field, but another Referee Assignor might be swamped at their field.  Send us a MESSAGE.  Let us know where you live and how far you are willing to drive to get to a game.  We will hook you up with the Referee Assignors in your area.

Next we realize that being good takes experience and time.  As such, REFEREES are MADE not BORN.  

Our ON-FIELD REFEREE TRAINING is a way for you to get some game based training to add to what you learned in the classroom.  REFEREE TRAINERS are matched up with interested referees to provide feedback & support during assigned games.  They watch, encourage, provide insight & are someone you can talk to, ask questions and share your concerns. There's NO COST to you, just a commitment to improving your skills.  Are YOU interested?   MESSAGE us.