Become a Referee Trainer

Referee Trainers

Our current Entry level Referee Clinics teach the Laws of the Game, but are insufficient in developing a foundation of real time decision making, foul recognition, mechanics, positioning, presence, awareness, and the game management skills necessary to produce a confident and effective referee.  As a result, we believe On-Field Training facilitated by REFEREE TRAINERS will provide the assistance and support necessary to enhance the experience of new referees, increase retention, and develop new talent for advancement. 


  • Attend assigned games to provide support to 1st and 2nd year referees
  • Provide guidance on basic mechanics, LOTG, UYSA specific information and expectations during games
  • Reinforce positive habits and behavior 
  • Provide constructive suggestions for areas of improvement
  • Be someone to talk to, ask questions of & share concerns with
  • Help manage the sidelines if necessary – coaches &/or spectators


  • $25 per game
  • Two (2) games per week over a six week season, both Fall & Spring.  More is certainly acceptable.
  • Paired with 1st and 2nd year referees that have requested additional training & support; approximately 3 times during a season per ref (preferably every other week for 6 weeks or three weeks in a row.)

REFEREE TRAINER Qualifications -

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Preferably at least 2 years of referee experience
  • Current USSF certification with demonstrated knowledge of the Laws of the Game, USSF procedures & mechanics, along with any current modifications and fluent in UYSA policy as it applies to youth games
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and the ability to assess and handle any game management issues that arise
  • Ability to be a positive teacher, good observer and an intent listener for the purpose of giving referees the feedback they need to ELEVATE their game skills
  • Complete REFEREE TRAINER Review with Program Coordinator

REFEREE TRAINER Responsibilities -

  • Serve as an off field observer ie. 4th official or as an on field game official, but not as a member of the referee crew. 
  • Wear approved credentials to be identified as an official Referee Trainer.
  • Provide real time guidance prior to and after the match as well as during half-time, without getting involved in judgment calls or decisions made. 
  • Train the referee crew, by necessary actions, to ensure player safety and proper application of the Laws of the Game.
  • Intervene & diffuse any situation where coaches or spectators act irresponsibly and the referee is incapable or unsure of how to handle, including the warning and/or dismissing coaches and spectators.
  • Provide constructive “suggestions” to the referee and AR’s. Concentrate on mechanics, positioning, referee communication and experience related decision making. Keep it Simple!
  • Praise for “positive” performance, while providing the referee crew with ideas of things to work on in upcoming games - GIVE them Homework.