elevatred soccer experience

Referee Pathways

We love the game of soccer.  Based on the feedback we got from our current referee survey, you do as well.

40% said "I love soccer and wanted to spend more time at the field."

20% said "I wanted to give back to the game and provide a better experience for the kids."

Bam!  You are exactly the kind of people we want in our program.  To feed your passion, we want to provide you more opportunities to benefit, grow and get the most out of your referee experience.  We realize that being good takes experience and time.  As such, referees aren't born but made.  Right now we are creating pathways for you to choose from - different tracks to scratch that itch or provide that thank you for a job well done.

  • Discounts on those new cleats you've been drooling over, but your parents won't buy you
  • Opportunities to ref games as a family
  • ON-FIELD REFEREE TRAINING BEFORE you officiate your first game
  • Extra earning potential as a Referee Mentor when your legs are done for the day as a center
  • Fast Track progressions to upgrade your Ref Certifications to do older, more complicated games that lead to top tiered tournaments and earning potential past the youth games

This is all new, never before done stuff.  We are working on collecting data on what you deem important & vetting ideas on what means the most.  If you have suggestions, shoot us a message using our CONTACT form.